What happens if there are too many people on your boat

Taking a boat out on the weekend can be a great experience. As long as you don’t push your vessel past it’s limits it should be enjoyable. For one group of people it didn’t go as well.

There were riding in a boat that had a smaller weight cap. There were 8 people on one tiny boat. Plus with the size of the waves it was all a recipe for disaster. They were having fun and enjoying themselves for a while.

As they got further out to see the waves got larger. Due to the weight on the boat it started taking on water. They tried to shovel some water out with their hands. Although that wasn’t much help.

Before they knew it their boat was partially submerged. Luckily for them there were some onlookers who got a hold of the local authorities. They towed the boat to shore.

How would you have gotten out of the situation? Let us know your thoughts below!

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