What does USDM mean for cars?

Have you ever wondered what does USDM mean for cars? If you are looking for a new car or are in the market for car parts you may be confused about the difference between USDM, JDM, or even EDM.

What does USDM mean for cars? USDM stands for the United States domestic market. This market is composed of American brand cars and parts. If it was made or designed in the USA it’s considered USDM.

Brands like Ford, Chevy and Dodge are some of the big hitters in the United States Domestic market. Most of these car brands are based in Detroit Michigan. Pretty much anything automotive that is from the USA is considered USDM with a few exceptions.

Dodge challenger hellcat

For Europe, they have their market which is called the EDM or the European Domestic Market. Japan has its own market which is called the JDM or Japanese Domestic Market. These are simply the automotive markets of the world. Cars can be JDM and be manufactured in the USA. It really just depends on where the car companies headquarters are.

Car enthusiasts like to use USDM and JDM as a kind of car community subculture. If your car is USDM or JDM you can have cliques that tend to hang out together. Although, most car guys can get along no matter the car.

How to know if your car is USDM

If your car brand is Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Ford, Lincoln, or Tesla then your car is considered USDM. Some of these companies manufacture cars overseas. This can blur the lines a little bit. Although, if your car brand is based in the US then it’s safe to say that your car is USDM

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