What does stock car mean?

Have you asked what does stock car mean? Stock car can mean a couple different things based on the context. Maybe you’ve heard someone talking about their stock car. Or maybe you’ve heard someone talking about a stock car race.

A stock car in racing is a type of car they use to race during events. When someone refers to a stock car they are talking about an unmodified car.

What does stock car mean when talking about racing.

A stock car is a vehicle that is driven in a race. When you say stock car racing that usually refers to Nascar style events. Although there are some subsets of stock car racing. It all started in the Prohibition era.

Alcohol was illegal but people were still selling and consuming it secretly. Sellers needed a way of transporting the goods fast. They needed to be able to deliver the booze without being caught. The drivers ended up modifying their cars to make them quicker.

At some point someone suggested having an event where they could race each other. The racing was done without regulations. Bill France Sr. is the one who originally formed Nascar. The organization was created to help regulate the races that were going on.

In the beginning there were regulations where the cars could only be modified with parts that were available to the public. Cars weren’t that advanced so they remained mostly the same as when they drove off the assembly line. Some drivers even opted to drive the cars to the race. This is what stock car means when referring to racing.

What does stock car mean when talking about car culture

In car culture talking about a stock car is slightly different. A stock car means a car that hasn’t been modified. That means the car is exactly the same as when it rolled off the assembly line. Some people add an exhaust, intakes and other performance parts. Although after you add any of these parts your car is no longer considered stock.

Even if you get a larger stock turbo and put it on another car it isn’t considered stock anymore. If you change anything performance-wise on the car then the car is considered modified. When someone says that they have a stock car it means that the car hasn’t been touched.

There is a rolling joke related to stock car. Some people joke around and say that their car is stock even though the car is heavily modified. It’s best to be careful when someone says their car is stock. They may be trying to race you and hustle you out of your money.

What modifications change your car to a modified status?

Changing things like the exhaust, adding an intake or a tune are things that modify your car. If you upgrade your turbo or build you engine you can start getting into the range of being heavily modified.

Are there things you can change that don’t make your car have the modified status?

Believe it or not adding some parts to your car doesn’t make you car modified. Modified typically refers to performance parts. You might be able to go as far as suspension parts. Although when someone says stock car they are usually referring to parts that make more power.

So no, adding plastidip paint is not considered a mod. While some like to say that there car is modified by adding aesthetics like a hood scoop or a sticker bomb this actually doesn’t modify your car.

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