What does ASL mean for a car

Have you ever been driving your car and noticed an ASL control? While not all cars come with this ASL button the abbreviation could mean one of two things.

What does asl mean for a car? ASL can either mean automatic speed limiter or automatic sound level adjustment. Depending on what your manual says the abbreviation for it can determine what the button does.

What does ASL mean when talking about driving options

When you see the ASL button it can mean Automatic Speed Limiter. This feature which is available in some Jaguars and other cars limits the maximum speed the car can go. When the driver sets the limit the car will have the ability to accelerate until it reaches that limit. Afterwards, it will not allow the car to go any faster until ASL is turned off.

This can be used when you are driving a long distance. If you have a maximum speed that you don’t want to exceed you can set the Automatic Speed limiter and your car will never go faster than that speed. You can save yourself from getting tickets by limiting your max speed.

Depending on your make and model your ASL button can be in a couple of places. Sometimes it’s on the steering wheel and other times it can be near the shifter. Either way, your car’s manual should be able to tell you if you have this feature and give instructions on how to use it.

What does ASL mean when talking about audio options.

When referring to audio ASL means Automatic Sound Leveling. This feature automatically adjusts your stereos volume level depending on a few variables. If you are driving at higher speeds this can increase the sound in your car.

As the noise increase, the ASL automatically accounts for the excess noise and it increases the sound of your stereo. As your car gets louder the ASL increases the volume. On the other hand, if your car gets quieter the stereo follows suit.

While this isn’t a very common feature you can find it on some luxury models. Instead of having to adjust the volume when your car is loud the ASL feature does everything for you. Sometimes the ASL will allow you to preset your volume. You may be able to choose from low, medium or high. Other times it may just be an on or off switch. Check your owner’s manual to see if your car is equipped with this option.

In closing

ASL isn’t a commonly used abbreviation. It can either mean Automatic Speed Limiter or Automatic Sound Leveling. Depending on where your button is can determine which one the ASL button stands for. If it’s near your audio controls odds are it’s for audio. If the button is near your cruise control then it’s probably for limiting your speed.

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