What are pace car turn signals?

Have you ever heard of pace car turn signals? You may be wondering what they are. All cars have different light setups from the factory. From LED to red or orange, cars can have a plethora of different turn signal variations.

What are pace car turn signals? Pace car turn signals refer to the way your car’s turn signals illuminate. In most cars the turn signal is a solid light. This turning indicator shows other drivers where you are turning.

Although in some Volkswagen Golfs a pace turn signal modification is fairly common. By using a tool like the OBDeleven you can adjust your car’s programming and turn on the pace turn signals.

By following a simple Youtube video you can follow along and adjust your Golf’s turn signals to blink differently. The Golf’s turn signals are made up of two seperate lights. With the modification the two lights will alternate when you press your turn signal.

In some cases you can even have your brake lights alternate. It all depends on the type of modification you make.

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