Watch an avalanche of bikers fall down a glacier.

Annually in Les Deux Alpes, France there is a bike race that happens called the Mountain of hell. The race is 15.5 miles and starts from 11,150 feet and descends to about 2,950 feet. The race takes place over multiple terrains. The race starts on the side of a mountain which is quite icy. You’ll be able to see this in the video below.

During the race riders can reach 70mph+ while tearing through the woods and over rocky trails. As seen in the video it is very easy to slip up and make a mistake which can cost you valuable time. Well in the beginning a few quick riders make it out ahead.

Other riders follow closely behind until one falls. This starts a domino effect. As seen in the video everyone starts to tumble. Luckily there were no major injuries. Although this looks very dangerous.

The winner of the race, Kilian Bron wins by a landslide. Although he falls back in the beginning he quickly gains the lead and holds it to the very end. You can see his entire run below. This is quite easily the best riding we’ve seen. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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