Watch a $20,000 1300HP Jet Ski Grudge race

Car guys and Jet ski guys have a lot in common. We both love going fast. While most prefer to put the power to the ground other prefer speeding on the water. Today we catch a $20,000 jet ski drag race.

Tons of money goes into making these jet skis fast. Typically you’ll see a turbo or supercharged 4 cylinder motor. Some of the motors are making over 1000hp easy. We follow one of the drag racing jet skis that has 1300hp. It’s turbo with a healthy shot of giggle gas.

The two jet skis line up then shoot off. The winner has a slower start and bounces. Although he quickly speeds up and secures the win. Drag racing jet skis are built to get off the line quick. Although they don’t have a high top speed.

On the other hand top speed jet skis like the Silver Bullet hit 115mph or more on the water. The top speed record for the day was 135mph. While the Silver Bullet didn’t win today they promised to come back to beat the record.

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