Washington state thinks it’s unsafe to get your car washed during COVID19

washington car wash

Being stuck at home for weeks on end can draw up a sense of cabin fever. Some people are able to get out their house and find some activities to do while maintaining social distancing. Although there are still some businesses that are not allowed to reopen because they aren’t considered essential. Car washes aren’t considered essential so Washington state has said that they have to stay closed.

The owners of the car washes disagree. They consider themselves essential. In addition you seldom get out of your vehicle and interact with anyone at the automatic car washes. This has got to be one of the safest social distancing activities you can do. Although Washington state doesn’t see it that way.

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Some of the businesses contacted the Governor to attempt to allow the reopening of their businesses. They were denied. Do you think car washes should be able to reopen during COVID19? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: KIRO

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