Uber gets the UberCheats extension removed from Chrome

Uber is one of the best-known ride-sharing companies. Not only do they provide transportation for many people but they deliver food through their UberEats program. One user of Uber was noticing that the platform wasn’t tracking the distance correctly.

The creator of UberCheats, Armin Samii, said that while he was an Uber driver he drove up a steep hill in Pittsburg. The distance in total was 4 miles. Although, he was only paid for driving 1 mile. In the past, Uber has admitted to underpaying some drivers from New York. While they did reimburse the affected drivers it makes you wonder how accurate the system is.

The Chrome extension called UberCheats was made to rectify the incorrect mileage. It accounted for the actual distance traveled rather than a measurement from point A to point B. While it seemed like a helpful tool Uber had Google remove it from the Chrome store.

Uber stated, that UberCheats “infringes upon the trademarks of others.” The app does use the trademarked name so there were grounds for its removal. Uber said they didn’t want people to confuse UberCheats for being a product of their company.

If there is an issue with Uber drivers not being paid enough the tool would be beneficial. Maybe publishing the extension by another name would resolve the issue. Maybe give it a name that has a little less defamation attached. Have you ever driven for Uber? How was your experience on getting paid for the distance traveled?

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