Toyota recalls its recall

  • •Toyota recalls 191,000 vehicles in North America and Japan
  • •Toyota recalls its recall. The airbags were supposedly fixed but there were issues found
  • •In 2017 Toyota had the largest recall in automotive history

You’ve probably heard of the Takata airbag recall. The air bag is replaced because there was a possibility that on detonation it would send shrapnel into the occupants of the vehicle. 24 people died and over 290 were injured due to the defective units.

Takata had to file for bankruptcy and got bought out by a larger firm. In addition Takata was found guilty of a wire fraud as part of their one billion dollar settlement. Two years past Toyota recalls its recall. Some of the vehicles that were part of the Takata recall now have a chance that there airbag will not fill correctly

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Without the air bag there is an increased risk of injury. The affected vehicles are some 2003-08 Corolla and 2005-08 Matrix vehicles. Toyota stated that they used an “alternative supplier” for the supposed repair parts. Do you own one of these cars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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