Toyota just made a Targa Top MKV Supra

If you are a fan of the MKIV Toyota Supra with the Targa Top then you’re going to love Toyota’s new one-off Supra. The 2020 Supra takes a trip to the Toyota Racing garage for some cool customizations.

This special Supra already has all of the bells and whistles of the Heritage version. This includes things like a full body kit and aero parts. In addition, there are headlights and taillights that resemble the famous fourth-generation Supra of the 90s.

The difference in this GR Supra Sport Top is the custom 2 piece roof. It is made to resemble the optional one-piece Targa top of the MKIV Supra. The team originally tried to reuse the portion of the roof that they had removed. Although they found it easier to 3d print the Targa top.

After some cleaning up of the Targa top they installed the latches and gave it a nice paint job. This GR Supra Sport Top really pays homage to MKIV. While it isn’t likely that Toyota will mass produce the Super Top version we can always dream.

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