This is the World’s Fastest Monster Truck

While monster trucks have tons of horsepower they aren’t made to go fast. These trucks can weigh 10,000 lbs or more. What is the world’s fastest monster truck? One team has recently beat the record.

The truck called the Raminator is powered by a supercharged 565-cubic-inch HEMI V-8. The powerplant makes 2000hp which would be plenty in a road car. It takes a lot of force to get these heavy trucks in the air. With that amount of power, they can perform some pretty cool stunts.

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Although today we find them somewhere other than a stadium. They have taken to a race track to try an beat the record for the world’s fastest monster truck. The recent record was 96.8mph. These cars aren’t meant for speed so just image how sketchy driving these vehicles that fast must have felt like.

The team had their sights set on 100mph. While they didn’t reach that goal they were able to beat the record at 99.1mph. Congrats to the team. Have you ever been to a monster truck show? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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