The new Ford Focus RS could be a hybrid with 400 hp

Hot hatches are all the rage. Especially in Europe. Luckily in America we got the Fiesta St, Focus St and Focus RS. There is definitely a niche for these hatches and it shows. The Fiesta St is likely one of the most fun of the three. Offering 197hp and 217ft-lb of torque. Not to mention it only weighs 2700lbs.

The Focus RS which is the most powerful of the group boasts a 2.3L 4cyl that makes 350hp. It was mated with an “AWD” system. More or less a FWD car with rear assist. That being said it is a great car and other than the head gasket issues some owners were having the car has remained pretty popular.

Well sources say that a new Focus RS may be a step up from it’s predecessor. It’s likely to also have an AWD system. Although the rear wheels which might be completely separated from the rest of the drivetrain may be driven by an electric motor.

The output could easily come out to around 400hp. This is plenty for this small hatch. It isn’t known if the car will be a six speed or an automatic. Plus Ford has neither confirmed or denied the possibility of the car. Time will only tell if they will use the car to push further into the EV (Electric Vehicle) market. What do you think about the idea of a hyrbid Focus RS?

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