See these banned license plates from the California DMV

Every year thousands of vanity plates are submitted to DMVs around the US. While most are in good taste there are plenty of plates that get denied. There is a panel of judges that decides if your plate gets approved or denied. Plates can be denied if they are found to have offensive or bad taste phrases.

Below are some of the examples that got denied by the the California DMV. Do you have a vanity plate?

Explanation: In remembrance of me and my girlfriend’s anniversary. Meaning be my bae, before anyone else.

Review Comments: Bae=Poop in Danish

Explanation: Husband and wife initials and year of marriage

Review Comments: 8 Looks like Hate; JWS looks like Jews

Explanation: Lit is a slang term which means good, amazing, etc!

Review Comments: Lit=Intoxicated, Slit=Rude slang for a woman or vagina

Explanation: It has no meaning I just want to get it because I like it that’s it

Review Comments: 420 National Smoke Day 4-20 marijuana

Explanation: Schlafer is German for sleeper.

Review Comments: Also means sleeper in the sense of an inactive agent or terrorist (Wikipedia)

Explanation: Playful joke

Review Comments: BMW hunter, he has an Audi. So he’s hunting down BMW drivers?

Explanation: On my way to bang your bitch

Review Comments: What he said

Explanation: Have unwavering faith (4) respect the Day

Review Comments: Who farted

Explanation: Celebration of my son moving out of the house

Review Comments: Dick

Explanation: In support of climate change initiatives

Review Comments: Looks like no to cooch

Explanation: I’m the extension of my dad. My father’s name is “Dick” and I was named after him

Review Comments: Dick extension. Customer’s name is Brant

Explanation: Sad time in my life and my car is blue

Review Comments: Blew Me

Explanation: I have a white cat named “Moby.” I want to name my white car after her.

Review Comments: Moby dick… Moby cat… Vagina?

Explanation: The lettering and numbers in this plate are the same as a chest my grama left me when she passed away.

ReviewComments: Looks similar to a text penis.

Explanation: Funky trumpet in the funk music genre

Review Comments: Fuck Trump

Explanation: Fish ball

Review Comments: Fish…Ball…Some sort of sexual?

Explanation: I am a nurse anesthetist

Review Comments: Gas passer, she passes gas (farts)

Explanation: We love Palm Springs

Review Comments: Looks like we love pussy

Explanation: I’m a professional fisherman and I fish for tuna all over the world.

Review Comments: I Googled him. He is and he does

Explanation: The rock band Tool’s second album title from 1996

Review Comments: Custom meaning is true, but sounds like Enema

Explanation: My nickname

Review Comments: Shiksa=noun (often derogatory, used by Jews), a non-Jewish girl,

Which the best vanity plate you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments below!

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