Remember the LS swapped USPS truck? Well, it’s supercharged now and has 650hp.

In 2019 David Stacey and his LS swapped USPS truck made headlines. It became one of the most talked-about builds. No more of the Iron Duke 2.5-liter engine. This LS Postal truck got LS swapped. Although David thought to take it one step further. He added a blower tuned by Fasterproms.

For a while, David and his wife wanted to build a car for the Holley LS fest. Although they weren’t really sure what vehicle to build. One day a USPS pulled out in front of him and his wife. It was from that point that they chose to make a wicked USPS truck.

It took David 2 years to find a truck. Ironically enough there was a USPS truck being sold locally. With help from his uncle, he was able to get purchase the vehicle. The vehicle had been sitting next to a garage for a while.

David ended up stripping the truck and dropped a 6.0-liter LS and added a 6L90 transmission. He added a 8.8 rear end and made a custom driveshaft. Even though this build was never done before he managed to get parts locally. He shopped at AutoZone, a Chevy dealership, and some other auto part stores.

His goal was to complete the vehicle before the 10th annual Holley LS fest. He managed to reach his goal and took the car to the event. The couple was 60 miles out from the event when his trailer broke down. Instead of calling it a day he drove the LS Postal truck the rest of the way.

A couple of years past David decided to turn it up a notch. He ended up adding an LSA blower. He took the truck to FasterProms and had the truck tuned. The truck went from making around 450hp(approx) to 630hp on e85. That’s tons of power in a truck that weighs 4,000lbs. Shout out to David for making one of the craziest builds out there!


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