Protesters torch 100 cars at a Wisconsin dealership

It seems chaos is happening more and more these days. People are upset about the way society is. We aren’t here to discuss politics. Although bringing you interesting automotive news stories is what we do best.

Recently there was an officer involved shooting in Wisconsin. One black man ended up getting shot in the back. The video of the incident went viral and before long there were protesters in the streets.

It is reported that a large crowd of people converged at a Wisconson delaership. They started damaging cars. Someone managed to get a road flare into the backseat of a vehicle. This started a fire which spread to most of the other vehicles.

The city of Kenosha immediately put out a curfew order. Although by this time the damage had been done. Whether or not you think the shooting was justified it doesn’t seem right that someone’s livelihood is ruined. Especially when the dealership owners weren’t involved in the incident at all.

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Source: Fox

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