Wifi Mirror Peeker: Hydrophobic Rain Fog Film | Cute Shape Car Window Decal | Visibility & Style Enhancer, Anti Fog


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Want to add something cute and stylish to your car? Check out this Reaper mirror decal. It’s made of anti-rain anti-fog film which helps create a clear spot in the middle of your side mirror. It works best in heavy rain. It’s easy to apply. Just make sure that you clean the surface thoroughly. You get a pair (2 stickers) per order so you can place one order for one car.

This is made of a hydrophobic film which makes it great for letting water slide off. You can place the peeker in different areas if you prefer. Somewhere like a rear window would work well too. This is roughly 3″ x 3.5″ so please make sure that it will fit your mirror.

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