Bathroom mirror anti-fog film heart: Hydrophobic Fog Film | Cute Shape Bathroom Decal, Anti Fog


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**This is different film than our automotive mirror peekers and is for indoor use.**

h 10″ x w 8″

Tired of having a foggy bathroom mirror after a shower? Check out our bathroom mirror anti-fog film. It’s made of anti-rain anti-fog film which helps create a clear spot in the middle of your bathroom mirror. It works up to 80% humidity during and after your shower. It’s easy to apply.

Just make sure that you clean the surface thoroughly. You get one film per order. Professional installation is suggested. Incorrect installation will damage the film and we can not be held responsible. The film is self healing and cures after 7 to 10 days. Curing can be sped up by lightly using a hairdryer.

This is made of a hydrophobic film which makes it great for letting water slide off. You can place the peeker in different areas if you prefer.

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