Parents let their kid crawl all over a new 2020 GT500

In most auto shows there are barriers to keep people from damaging any vehicles. Plus it’s common knowledge that certain things are off-limits when pertaining to the cars. You can enter some vehicles and get a feel for the interior. Although climbing on the hood of a brand new car is probably not the best decision.

Kids like to explore their surroundings. It helps them learn about the world and how it works. Although certain things should be off-limits especially when they can be harmful. Well either some parents weren’t paying attention or they didn’t care but their kid had the idea to climb on one of the cars.

A 2020 Ford Mustang GT500 was the unfortunate victim. The kid uses the chin spoiler of the car like a stepping stool. With help from the hood vent he pulls himself up on the car. On top of that he puts his shoes on the car. Hopefully he wasn’t carrying any stray pieces of paint-scratching gravel. Needless to say his parents probably should have been watching him. What would you do if you caught your kid doing this?

Source: PowerNation

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  1. Lol the world is crazier than a kid climbing on the hood of a car! Wake up people check out other things that are happening in the world right now like your freedom being taken away from you faster than you know! Pretty soon there will be no guns to protect ourselves and mandatory vaccinations everywhere! That’s the plan! or be taken to the fema camp no joke they exist. Look a bit more to see what they have in store for us. Looks more like people are way too distracted by new cars and Now Iran so they can pass the new laws under our noses. Just look and see what is up for plan.. 2022 only 55 gallons of water per person. Also lowering that even more the next 2 years after! Anyway who cares if we all have to get annual flu vaccinations and any other just to have a driver’s license and be permitted to travel

    1. You’re calling someone else a moron and a dumbass, yet you can’t even spell first grade words. You’re a rocket scientist!

        1. Shouldn’t you be out looking for a new sec 8 apartment, I’m sure you just got a 10,000 tax return to furnish it with..

      1. It is the message. Quit trying to find mistakes, look at your own life. Get a job, participate in society, get out of your moms basement and get a life.

        1. I believe the poster was taking about ‘obviously’, and although that isn’t a 1st grade spelling word, more likely a 7th grade spelling word, it seems a lot of you folks seem to be missing the point of the first poster after the article. There ARE more important things than a kid clamoring all over a brand new car, and basic good manners is one of them. Respect for someone else’s property is something that should be instilled in children by engaged parents. We don’t know if the kid had just run on ahead and was soon to be on the other end of a harsh talking to. Or if the parents were right there laughing and enjoying the rude behavior of their kid.

      2. Well we sure didn’t need you to point out someone’s spelling. Obviously correcting others makes you feel better about yourself for some reason.

    2. Christina davis. What you talk about has nothing to do with teaching our kids respect. I am sure the owner will have to pay to have dents repaired. Lets jump on your new car and see if you like it.

    3. Vaccinations are beneficial to people and the car you are talking about costs 70000 at its base price. It’s an expensive car and people also are allowed to say what they think.

      1. That is call bulling to tell some one to kill them selves. Are you kidding me we have enough kids doing that and here it is. You are a very disturb person that needs help.well at least they got your name.

    4. So Christina Davis would allow her kids to climb all over the car? Maybe it was her kid is why shes defending this behavior

    5. The world is crazy because parents aren’t raising their children to be respectful of others & property/belongings. Instead they teaching they to be selfish and hateful.

    6. Youre rambling about crap that has nothing to do with this at all…dumb c*nt. Youve obviously never owned an expensive anything in your life. Hell this car is worth more than your life…dumb bish.

    7. And it all starts with respect! For people, and the things that belong to THEM ! Letting your children climb on, and probably damage something that doesn’t belong to you, or them is the pinnacle of disrespect! But that’s what this pro-missive society has parented! God help us all.

    8. And what does that have to do with parents letting their children crawl all over a car that doesn’t belong to them?

    9. If you can’t control what goes on in your own home you have no right sticking your nose in the worlds business. Fix your home life raise your kids right with respect for not only theirselves but others and their property.

    10. You’ve obviously never owned a car of this value, and in case you don’t know the world is screwed up because of kids like this that grew up without proper parenting and common courtesy and respect. Yes all the issues you mentioned are important issues but so is teaching a kid how to behave after all these kids are our future ??‍♀️

    11. You seem to be missing the entire point, the reason we’re having the the problem that you identify Christian, is simply because, people do not take responsibility correct and discipline their children, they allow them to do whatever it is they want and then disregard their actions as simply being kids or learning experiences as they grow up. The children never learn the consequences for his action or is held responsible.

    12. Wow. Paranoid much! We are alot of years from all of that. Don’t let the small things get you down pal. We all be dead and gone before that happens chances are even your great grandkids or longer.

    13. You’re right! The parents need to tell
      These kids this is wrong. Would you like that kid to crawl on your car while you’re shopping? ??‍♀️

    14. The fact that there are other, more pressing problems in the world does not preclude the fact that the issue at hand needs to be addressed.

    15. Christina – something tells me your morans, ethics and parenting skills are lacking. Of course theres big issues in the world, but that’s a lame attempt to remove focus on what is obviously an issue in parenting.

    16. I’m sorry, Christina. While this post perhaps targets a specific demographic, it actually shows the crazier thing you are talking about – the complete lack of respect for others property or persons displayed by this child, and thereby the parents who didn’t teach that respect OR CORRECT that childs behavior, is exactly part of what makes this world what it is today. You are right. There are much greater things to be concerned about than a car, but if you look past the object being disrespected, you see a future adult who most likely will become one of the next entitled political wave that will further erode the rights of others, because they weren’t taught to respect other people, ane their property.

    17. So because we have to get flu shots and ration our water, we should just let kids run wild and be disrespectful? I think that parents allowing their kids run wild and being disrespectful may be part of the problem your so concerned about.

    18. Excuse me dear, would you be saying this if it were your car and a kid was climbing on it? I think not…

    19. This is how those things happening in the world get started. Ignorant parenting. Drum roll please.

    20. Ok! So you have a handle on all the rest of the worlds problems! So you have no answer for this topic? My answer is find the parents and make them financially responsible plus add mental anguish and pain and suffering…..

    21. So are you saying it’s ok to let your kid do what they want and tear up someone else’s property? That is a lot of the worlds problem……raising kids to not give a damn.

  2. I’ll tell ya what if it were my boy and he didn’t crawl up on that piece of Ford crap and take himself a dump I’d give him a whoopin for bringing shame to the family name. God bless Chevrolet, mullets and chicks with tattoos and chicks with mullets and tattoos them are cool too.

  3. I think it’s disrespectful. Every child should be taught boundaries. If it were my child I would be embarrassed. Not to mention in the car society the Shelby mustang is a staple of automotive ingenuity and symbol of American automotive growth. Yes there maybe other posts we could all be commenting on but if you look deeper at this video you can see where we are going wrong with our children. 1) By not teaching them proper respect of one’s property. 2) By not disciplining them for their wrong doings. 3) This gives them the idea that there are no consequences for their actions, which could lead them to make the wrong decision out in the great wise world, and lead them to their own demise.

      1. I know right. I’m still reading but laughing too. That’s the point, I hope….. or maybe I’m as dumb as some of these posts. Haha ?

  4. Kids these days are some of the idiots I ever witness growing up, especially when their parents should be the one blaming for the stupidity. I swear I would tell at those kids for climbing on my $100,000 car and correct their parents of how to parent these little demon children.

  5. Parents, please!!! Have some respect, and teach your children the same. These are very expensive cars no matter what car show you are going to, how old or new they are! We put a lot of money into keeping these cars clean and neat. We do this for the love of cars and allowing folks to come to see and appreciate them, not allow them to use these as a jungle gym! Parents are just at fault for not explaining to their children how to behave at a car show.

  6. Obviously parents have not taught this child to respect others property. This is a prime reason some of auto shows have ropes and restrictions to prevent this occurence. Most of all done shows are stating children cannot attend auto shows. Those cars are investments and years of work, pride and protection.

  7. This is a clear example of bad parenting. It’s not the kids fault but it’s definitely 100% the parents fault for either not monitoring their child or worse allowing him to climb all over a car that does not belong to them. As an owner of a collector car I would be horrified to find out if something like this happened

  8. My kid would be swiftly dealt with, forced to apologize, and chained to be for the rest of the event. Then, more when we left. Parents don’t see and will never see everything. Some cars are meant for abuse. Some are not.

  9. What I don’t understand is why people can’t have civilized discussions and disagreements without calling people names and telling them to go kill themselves. That makes you no better than the person you are dissing? Grow up, be the bigger person, act better than society has made you!

  10. Disgusting! Stop letting children damage things or people for the purpose of “exploring and understanding” they can understand the backside of a belt if you can’t teach your semöndemöns to behave. Parents like this are pathetic.

  11. Some one shot that retarded kid now!!!!! That Mustang doesn’t deserve to be treated like that! Thatvkid is seriously dead now!!!!!!!

  12. First of all I would not be in this position my daughter was raised to respect others and there belongings and that nothing else is tolerated in these situations but if l owned the car l would probably be going to jail after I got thru with the father for not making his kids mind and show respect to other peoples property.

  13. Wow, didnt take long for this to go south! As far as the kid on the car, his parents are to blame. Obviously never been taught respect for others property. And Christina, you’ve got some issues! ?

  14. This is pretty disrespectful. I have both a 5 and an 8 year old and it’s amazing through some teaching, discipline, and being brought up right that my children would never even think about doing something like this. It’s obvious that the parents don’t care to say anything to their child, much less think of a disciplinary action towards their child. You might as well said “adults only” when it comes to having their child near it because in my opinion, “you break it, you buy it.” Or “your child scratches it, you will be given a bill to repaint it.” Beautiful car though ?

  15. We were taught at home and at school to be respectful of other people’s property, parents don’t think their kids do anything wrong now days and schools are too busy studying for those state test to see if the school will get monies from the state.

  16. For the love of Christ, people! Teach your children to respect the property of others. This is isn’t rocket science, it’s basic parenting and common courtesy.
    As for the child, he is old enough to know that a car isn’t a jungle gym. His parents are doing him an injustice by not teaching him right from wrong. It’s sad that my generation is failing so miserably at parenting.

  17. Who cares, it’s just a Vehicle that was put there 4 Ppl to see, probably never will see the Road. This is what Companies have Insurance for. It’s there to sell cars! If U didn’t pay for it. It’s not of Importance to U!

  18. I would of whooped that child’s butt and not cared who watched. This is lack of parenting and discipline. Why was this child running around a car show like this? Heck my son can’t keep his hands off of anything when we go to Walmart so I make him put both hands on the buggy and walk with me where I can see them and if he takes his hand off and touches something that hand gets smacked. Since we as parents cannot discipline our children like our parents did us when we was kids what else is there to do. I still spank with a belt, smack their hand, and spank with my own hand.

  19. People can fight over grammar and I’ll talk about the lack of supervision and discipline of these children. My children learned to respect other people’s property long before they were that age. If my son dared to behave that way, well let’s just say he wouldn’t have. ?

  20. I don’t understand why today’s parents let their kids do whatever they want. They let them run wild in stores and restaurants and now climb on expensive cars. I bet the parents are probably one of those “I don’t get on to my kids because it’s abuse” parents

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