New bill proposal protects drivers if they “accidentally” run over protesters in the street

Update: The bill failed to pass in any of the states. It would have only protected drivers who accidentally ran into protesters.

Now we are not suggesting that you go out and run people over. There was a bill proposed in Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and North Dakota that relieves some reliability if drivers run over protesters while in the street.

If you remember last year a driver in a Dodge Ram was videotaped driving though a crowd who were protesting police in Durham, NC. The protesters tried to block and continuously struck the vehicle. The driver continued driving through by pushing individuals out of the way.

The police department in Durham, NC stated that they aren’t going to be pressing charges against the driver. It also turns out the protest didn’t have the proper permits to conduct any activities. When questioned one of the protesters stated they, “Does not work with the police.” They stated that they aren’t surprised that police don’t file charges when drivers run over protesters. Tell us what your thoughts are in the comments below!

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  1. If they are trashing my vehicle or being a threat to me or mine I will run em down leaving, I wasnt brought up to be a victim

  2. I feel that guy was in the right to drive through if someone hit my rig like that that I busted my butt for I’d do the same thing.its not like u can get out an ask then nicely to move cause u may be putting ur self at risk with mob Mentality

  3. No one has the right to block someone else form what they want to do this is the United States no one should be able to hinder the rights of another person to pass on a public street wish they had killed them all

  4. Not everybody wants to protest so the ones in there cars are possibly heading to work and do not want to be late. The protest is stopping there progress. There should not be anything thing wrong with someone getting ran over under these conditions.

    1. Some jobs have zero tolerance for late employees! Protestors have blocked streets before when ambulances couldn’t get people to the hospital dying in the back…they had to transfer the patients to ambulances going against traffic on the wrong side of the road to save the patients lives! If they want to be brainless liberal assclowns…then they get what they deserve!

  5. I’m glad he didn’t get convicted of anything because they are blocking his right away and that is in a form of kidnapping holding someone against their will is kidnapping so if they decide that they’re going to be in the street then they need to know that they might be ran over I have no sympathy for these people protest all you want but do not keep me from going from point A to point B

  6. I love the idea. Just wish it was in all 50 states. I’m not gonna have my life end or get fired from work because some individuals are to lazy.

  7. I remember Reginald Denny during the Rodney King riots. He was nearly killed by a mob mentality. If you’re preventing my means of escaping 5the situation, you are now a threat to my well being. As such I will protect myself by all means necessary. This is simply an act of terrorism by the protesters. They got exactly what they deserved.

  8. They were surprised he wasn’t charged but yet they wont work with the police to get the right permits to be out there in the street. Can’t have your cake and eat it to if your not willing to do things the way the laws says to do them

  9. They shouldn’t be harassing people and should get out of the way of vehicles if they get hit it is their own fault.

  10. That’s great if they want to block a street or highway they should get run over. Emergency vehicals can’t get through if there’s a mile of parked cars in the way..

  11. I’ve seen too many videos of protestors pulling people out of vehicles and assaulting them… I’m not risking my safety because a group of protestors are standing in the road deliberately blocking traffic. They can get their point across from the sidewalk…
    If anything that group of people should be held liable for any damage to that person’s truck…

  12. it’s one thing to protest on the side of the street but whatever you’re intentionally trying to block the flow of traffic and stop motorists from going through you are the problem a protest is to allow people to get their opinion out in a symbolic way that’s fine I respect that but whatever you start blocking the road you’re putting yourself in danger I don’t give a crap how big the group is they did the same thing in Chicago if you are protesting the middle of a street blocking traffic and you get injured or worse the only person at fault is yourself sad but true at that girl speaking straight idiotic there’s a fine line between common sense and stupidity

  13. What gives these idiots the right to inhibit anyones progress on a public street just because they want to protest

    1. They did not get the required permit because they “DON”‘T WORK WITH POLICE” yet they call on the police to file charges against this guy

  14. I totally agree. .Protest all you want, Don’t block people’s way to get to work. Some people have jobs and need to make a living and pay bills. Stay off the roads….

  15. I have six shots in my revolver and 2,000 pound vehicle as my recourse to protect me and mine. I will use one or all as necessary to achieve that goal.

  16. Reginald Denny stopped his truck for protesterd and it almost cost him his life.
    I agree… don’t stop… keep moving and clear the area.

  17. I would not want to deliberately run somebody down BUT if I feel I am in danger, I will do what is necessary to protect myself.
    AND protesters blocking my passage and trying to stop my progress is a mob.
    A mob is a headless, out of control monster and I will not hesitate to use deadly force.

  18. You dont want to work with the police, but you want the police to charge this guy. I think not. Guess you shouldn’t be a cop hater.

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