New Ford Ranger Raptor Teaser Trailer

New Ford Ranger Raptor shows off it’s off-road skills. Ford even rates the video B for Badass. We first see the Raptor veer off the road due to a group of Harley Davidson riders. The Raptor shows off with styles like Gymkhana. From drifting, motocross bikes, buggies and more the video has it all.

Unfortunately the truck won’t make it over here to the states. Sources suggest that this European model will be fitted with a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine. The Raptor boasts 210hp and 369ft/lbs.
The teaser has some exciting parts. The best of which is when there is a timed rockslide and the Raptor who suddenly vanishes in the dust emerges and speeds out unscathed. Great Hollywood presentation Ford!

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