Mustang gets ripped in half at the drag strip

Drag racing is a dangerous sport. When you’re zooming down the track at 100+ MPH there are a lot of things that can go wrong. While you might be a great driver parts on the car still tend to fail.

Most drag racers don’t like more regulations on motorsports. Although the safety requirements that most tracks enforce actually do save lives. Things like requiring a roll cage if your car is faster than a set time helps save lives.

One Mustang driver is lucky to be alive after a horrific crash. The fox body was racing at the 828 Cash Days No Prep event, held at Wilkesboro Dragway. At the end of the track the car looses traction and piles into the barrier.

Parts fly everywhere and the car is practically ripped in half. The owner of the car owes the man who built his roll cage a beer. If it wasn’t for that we can’t be certain that this wouldn’t have been a fatal crash.

While a spectator broke her arm due to flying debris the driver walked away completely unharmed. Moral of the story is take proper precautions when racing. It can mean the difference between ending the race or ending your life.

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