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A scrapper strapped a utility pole to his 97 Toyota Camry

People will do anything for money nowadays. Although if you treasure your freedom you may want to make sure that what you're doing is...

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Man manages to drive on expired plates for 30 years

A while back we shared a story about a man who got pulled over because he hadn't renewed his plates since 1993. Well, it...

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Looking for the best engine kit model?

If you love engines or building models you might be wondering what is the best engine kit model. Model kits are great way to...

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Why my headlights aren’t bright enough

Have your been driving around at night and thought to yourself that your headlights aren't bright enough? It is a common problem that many...

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Whistlindiesel drives his Monster Max truck into the Gulf of Mexico

Whistlindiesel is an automotive Youtube channel known for doing some crazy stunts. In one video he drove his Duramax truck with paddle tires on...

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