Man was trapped for 10 hours in his car after it was buried in snow.

A heavy snowstorm hit Owego, New York this week. With that roads were covered with snow all the way up to 44″. One man was in his car when a snow plow covered his vehicle in snow.

There was so much snow that the man was trapped for 10 hours. What makes matters worse is that the heat in his car wasn’t working. While he may have been able to melt the snow, with no heat he just had to wait it out and hope someone could find him.

Kevin, the driver, managed to dial 911 but due to the amount of snow the New York State police had a terrible time locating the vehicle. One officer noticed what he thought were mailboxes. As he begun to dig them out to see the address it turns out he was uncovering a windshield.

After some digging they where able to rescue the driver. He had suffered from hypothermia and frotbite. Although he is expected to make a full recovery.

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