Man orders a Tesla Model 3. Gets something else in mail.


Have you ever ordered something online just to find out you were sent the wrong thing? Sometimes you order something and it doesn’t even show up. Although it’s not too common shipping errors happen from time to time. Well based on a post on Reddit a man ordered a Tesla Model 3 and what he actually received has somewhat puzzled the internet.

It’s not too often that people order cars online. Usually you place your order with the customizations and additions you want. You are then given a delivery window on when your vehicle will be available. This was not the case for the Reddit user who goes by the name u/Wellyoh.

u/Wellyoh decided that he would like to be the owner of a new Tesla Model 3. He set all of his options and went ahead and ordered the car on the 21st of September. Less than a week later something got delivered. Seeing as his delivery window was 3-4 weeks there was no way his car could have been delivered that fast. To his surprise he received a Tesla Model 3 front left fender in the mail.

As car guys we love getting car parts in the mail. There’s nothing like getting a go-fast goodie that you can throw on your car over the weekend. Although receiving a piece of a new car rather than the whole thing must have been concerning. We’re sure that this was just a shipping mistake and that Tesla will still be shipping out his actual car. It must have been confusing when he accepted delivery of this item though.

Hopefully the guy that ordered the Tesla Model 3 fender is having fun with his brand new car. What would you do if you received this in the mail instead of a whole car. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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