Man found 50 pounds of pine cones stashed in his engine bay

It’s not unusual to find leaves and debris in your engine bay. Well a Man found 50 pounds of pine cones stashed in his car. It turns out that squirrels had been using his car as a home. The owner of the Dodge Journey, Kellin Moore, heard a sound when he turned on his SUV’s a/c. When he went to open the hood he was astonished at the amount of pine cones in his bay.

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Some squirrels were using his vehicle to house a cozy nest. It turns out that finding pine cones under your hood isn’t uncommon in rural spots in Michigan, but not at this scale. It took two people close to an hour to clear all of the pine cones out.

Do you usually get a lot of debris in your engine bay? What would you do if you, like this man found 50 pounds of pine cones in your engine bay?

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