Man drives his car into a river 10 minutes after getting his drivers license

Depending on where you live there are different levels of testing required to get your drivers license. You usually have to pass a written and physical exam. The physical exam usually consist of driving around and showing a driving instructor that your driving skills are up to standards. It is true that some people who have managed to acquire their drivers license still shouldn’t be on the road for one reason or another. One man fits the bill. He ended up driving into a river.

A man had just left the DMV in China. He was so excited that he was able to get his drivers license. He was just so overwhelmed that he had to text all of his friends the good news. Unfortuantley for him he forgot one of the most important rules of driving. You shouldn’t text and drive.

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The man, Mr. Zhang, was driving on a narrow bridge when he veered off into the river. There were no guard rails to prevent him from doing so. He managed to escape the vehicle. A crane arrived later that day and rescued the submerged car. Although it’s probably not salvageable.

In China there is roughly a $25 fine and 2 points on your license for texting and driving. Do you know someone who texts and drives? Share this post with them or leave a comment below!

Source: PowerNation

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