Looking for Fitment industries wheels?

If you’re a car guy you know that the wheels on your car can make it stand out. Not only is it the most noticeable mod but it can also provide a good amount of performance. Wheels come in all styles and sizes but how do you know if Fitment industries wheels are right for you?

What types of Fitment Industries wheels are there?

There are multiple wheel brands available for sale on the Fitment Industries site. From Enkei, AVID, XXR , Rotiform and even more. No matter the brand of shoes you’re looking for there will be the right set for your car. There are tons of options available so check them out here

1AV • 2Crave • 305 Forged • 3SDM • 4Play OE Wheels • 9SiX9 • ADV.1 • Advan Racing • Advanti Racing • Akuza • Alloy Ion • American Racing • American Racing Forged • American Racing Vintage • Anovia • Aodhan • Apex • ARC • Asanti Black • Asanti Forged • Atara Racing • Avant Garde • Avenue • AVID1 • AVS • Axe • Azad • Azara • BBS • Beyern • BG Rod Works • Big Bang • Billet Specialties • Black Diamond • Black Rhino • Black Rock • Blade Luxury • Blaque Diamond • Borghini • Bravado • Breyton • Brixton Forged • Capri Luxury • Cavallo • Ceco • Centerline • Centerline Forged • Cosmis Racing • Coventry • Cragar • Cray • Cruiser Alloy • Curva • Dcenti Racing • Deutschman Design • Diablo • Dip • Dolce • Donz • Drag • Drag Concepts • Drifz • DTM • Dub • Eclipse Replica • Element • Elure • Enkei • Ennova • ESM • ESR • ESR Forged • ESR Forged Classic • Euro Tek • F1R • Factory Reproductions • Fathom • Ferrada • Fiero • Fifteen52 • Fittipaldi • Focal • Fondmetal • Foose • Forgestar • Fuchs • Fuel • G-Line • Gear Off-Road • Genius • Gianna • Gram Lights • Ground Force • HD • Heavy Hitters • Helo • Heritage • Homura • Hostile UTV • HRE • HRE FlowForm • ICW • Impact • Incubus • INOVIT • IPA • Ixion • JNC • Kansei • Karma Kustoms • Klassik Rader • KMC • KMC Forged • Konig • Kraze • Kronik • Lenso • Lexani • Liquid Metal • Lumarai • Luxxx Alloys • Mach • Mandrus • Marquee Luxury • Marquee Replica • Massiv • Maxxim • Mazzi • Menzari • Method • Mickey Thompson • Milanni • MKW • Momo • Momo RF Series • Motegi • Motegi Forged • Motiv • Moto Metal • MRR • MST • Niche • Noir Elite • NS • NV Wheels • OE Performance • OE Revolution • Ohm • Option Lab • P51 • Pacer • Petrol • Pinnacle • Platinum • Primax • Privelux • Pro Comp • Raceline • Radi8 • Ravetti • RBP • Redbourne • Regen5 • Reika • Rennen • Renzo • Replica • RepliCast • Rev • Rev Replicas • Revolution Racing • Revolve • Ridler • Road Ready • Rocket Racing • Roderick • Rohana • Rosenstein • Rosso • Rotiform • Rotiform Forged • Roush • RSR Forged • RTR • RTX • RTX OE Replica • RTX R-Spec • Ruff • Shift • Sothis • Spec-1 • SSR • Stage Wheels • Stance • Status • Strada • Strada Replicas • TIS • Touren • Trailer Wheels • TSW • Tuners • Ultra • Unique • US Mags • Variant • Varro • VCT • Velgen • Velocity • Venom • Verde • Verde Form • Versus • Versus Racing • Vertini • Victor Equipment • Viscera • Vision • VMR • Volk • Vors • Vorsteiner • Vossen • Voxx • Voxx Replicas • VR Forged • Weld Racing • Wheel Replicas • White Diamond • Work • Xcess • XIX • XO • XXR • Zenas • BC Forged • Demoda • Kranze • Leon Hardirrit • Maverick • Tenzo R • Yokohama
Wheel SizesWheel WidthsOffestsBolt Patterns
13″-32″3.5″ – 16″-113 – +1333x112mm (3×4.41″)
4x98mm (4×3.86″)
4x100mm (4×3.94″)
4x108mm (4×4.25″)
4x110mm (4×4.33″)
4×114.3mm (4×4.5″)
4x115mm (4×4.92″)
4x136mm (4×5.35″)
Rotary Forged
Black • Blue • Bronze • Bronze/Tan • Brushed • Chrome • Chrome/PVD • Gold • Gray • Gray/Silver • Green • Orange • Pink • Polished • Purple • Raw • Red • Silver • White • Yellow

What cars do Fitment Industries wheels work with?

Fitment industries carries wheels for most if not all vehicles. You can visit their site and enter your year, make and model. From there you will get lists of wheels that fit your car. You will also see the price of wheel and tire packages for your car. Browse the gallery of vehicles and see cars with different wheel styles.

No longer do you have to worry about how the wheels will look on your car. With Fitment Industries wheel galleries you can all types of wheels on your car. This way you can be sure that you like the style.

What is Fitment industries?

Fitment Industries is an aftermarket car parts store. They sell parts for virtually all makes and models. While they don’t sell parts like turbochargers and other engine parts they offer exterior modifications like wheels, decals, and more

What all does Fitment Industries offer?

While Fitment Industries is known for the wheels they offer there are other parts that they sell. They offer suspension upgrades like shocks, air suspension, and coilovers. If you need a set of tires to go with your wheels they have a wide arrangement of those too.

Car care, apparel, widebody kits, decals, glow kits, and wheel accessories are the types of items that Fitment Industries carries.

Fitment Industry coupons

If you want to save on Fitment Industries wheels they have coupons for special occasions like Memorial day and black Friday. Although, if you want the ability to save year-round you can sign up for the Street Team program. It’s like an affiliate program but you get exclusive discounts not offered to the public. There is no cost to join and you earn points by referring people to their site.

Fitment Industries shopping experience

Fitment industries offers a great shopping experience. By simply entering your car’s year, make, and model you can see parts specially tailored to your car. See how mods would look on your car from pictures of other owners.

If you are looking to modify your car with exterior parts chances are someone has the mod on their car. With the galleries, you can see how it changes the car before you complete the purchase. This pretty much removes the issue of buyer’s regret when you get the part and don’t like how it looks on your car.

Who is Fitment industries Alex?

Fitment Industries Alex Martinez is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the company. He is also the CMO for Custom Offsets/Fitment/ARKON/Anthem/Trailbuilt/Others. Fitment Industries Alex co-founded RVRR & Artisa Artformed Wheels. In addition, he started a few automotive-related groups.

Where is fitment industries located ?

Fitment Industries is located in the United States. Their address is 3984 E Endeavor Dr.
Appleton, WI 54915.

How does Fitment Industries TPMS service work

Most modern-day cars have TPMS sensors. As a matter of fact, most cars 2006 and up are required by law to have TPMS sensors. What are TPMS sensors? Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) measures how much pressure is in your tires.

If the pressure is too low the TPMS sensors will notify you with a warning and advise you to fill your tire. While you don’t need TPMS sensors if you buy a set of Fitment Industries wheels you will have a low tire indicator on your dash all the time.

Not only is the indicator annoying but you won’t know if your tires are low unless you visible see them. With the Fitment Industries TPMS service, they will install TPMS sensors in your new wheels. You will have to pay an extra fee and have the sensors programmed by your local mechanic. Although, this is a small price to pay for the tire pressure monitoring system.

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