Kid “Duke of Hazzards” it over a drawbridge in Detroit

Typically when you watch some TV shows it tells you to not try what you see at home. Most of the stunts you see are either CGI or done by professional stuntmen/woman. Trying this stuff in your backyard can end up getting your seriously injured.

This didn’t stop one kid from making a risky move. The kid was driving his Dodge Intrepid RT/T. He approached an opening drawbridge in Detroit Michigan. Instead of waiting for the bridge to come back down he gunned it.

Witnesses stated that he “Duke of Hazzard” it over the bridge. He managed to make it to the other side. Unfortunately for him he blew all four tires. Turns out the kid was high off huffing Cool Whip.

The lesson of the story is to let the proffesionals do the stunts. Plus you should smoke tires not drugs. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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