Jaguar announces they’ll only sell EVs after 2025

If you remember, last year General Motors promised to stop selling gas cars after 2035. They were the first to make this announcement. With fear of emissions affecting the climate it’s no wonder that other automakers are starting to follow suit.

Thierry Bolloré who is the boss of Jaguar and Land Rover made an announcement stating that after 2025 the Jaguar brand would only be producing electric vehicles. Based off information we’ve gathered the automaker will be basing multiple vehicles off a single “pure electric architecture.”

This step is huge in converting all of their vehicles to full electric. Although the change must be done for them to meet their goal of being net zero carbon business by 2039.

The Land Rover brand which is owned by Jaguar will also be producing electric versions of their vehicles. However, they will still have some ‘advanced electrified internal combustion engines.’ What do you think about all of the automakers working towards having mostly EVs? Let us know below!

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