Introducing the Chevy Cabover truck

Have you ever wanted a crew cab Chevy Silverado with a bed longer than 6 feet? Unless you opt with a heavy duty truck you are typically stuck with a smaller bed.

We introduce the Chevy Silverado Cabover truck. While there is not a big chance this awkward looking truck will ever go into production it’s still a unique creation designed by the Instagram user wb.artist20. The truck was first spotted by our colleagues over at autoevolution.

Crew cabs usually have a good amount of leg room. If you minimize the leg room and swap the v6 for a turbo 4 cylinder you should be able to shorten the cab. No only will it improve the gas mileage but it produces less emissions.

While it won’t be the most comfortable vehicle to fit in you can at least haul a sizeable load. What do you think about the Chevy Truck Cabover? Let us know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Introducing the Chevy Cabover truck”

  1. I’d like to know how to get in the front seats. Door looks like it is for looks. Access to the engine? Will it be a true cabover? Hydraulic assist? Price?

    • Well how is the access to the engine? Does it come with a duramax option? How about the doors? Do they have room to get in and out of the truck?


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