Hyundai finally discovers why their new Palisade smells like garlic

Do you own or know someone who owns a Hyundai Palisade? You may be wondering why the Palisade smells like garlic. There was an issue a while back where owners were noticing an odor months after owning the vehicle.

Some had reported that it smelled like rotting eggs. Others stated their Palisade smelled like rotting cabbage. It was a mystery that no one could figure out. Some thought it might be a chemical reaction with some of the materials.

Hyundai recently discovered the smell was related to the headrest. The imitation leather was found to be the culprit. While it isn’t exactly clear what caused the material to produce the smell Hyundai is resolving the issue. If you are an owner of the Hyundai Palisade you can go to your dealer and they will apply an odor removing spray to the headrest and the headrest mounting point.

In the event that the smell doesn’t go away after the first spray they will repeat the process. Worst case scenario Hyundai will replace the headrests. Do you own a Palisade? Does your smell like rotten eggs? Let us know in the comments below!

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