How to move a parked car

Do you have a car that won’t move? Maybe someone is blocking your driveway or parking in your reserved spot. You may be wondering if there is a way to moved a parked car. Moving the car won’t be an easy task but there are few options that could work for your situation.

Have you wondered how to move a parked car? You can move a parked car by using car dollies, towing, or even brute strength.

If you’re trying to move a parked car it can be difficult. On the rare chance that the car is left in neutral, you can push the car by yourself. Depending on the size of the vehicle you may need to enlist the help of a friend.

Get the car in neutral

If you can manage to get the car in neutral moving the vehicle will be much easier. Most cars are parked in gear. Sometimes the owner will also engage the parking brake. This will make it very difficult to move the car without a tow truck.

If you are able to access the interior of the car you can try to get the car into neutral. This will allow the vehicle to roll when force is applied. Although, if the car is locked we’ll have to try something else.

Use car dollies

If you’ve pondered on how to move a parked car then you could use some car dollies. These car dollies have wheels on the bottom which allow them to move around heavy objects. If you have four car dollies you can jack up the car and place each of the dollies under a tire. After you lower the car you should be able to move the parked car around.

Make sure that when you set the dollies under the tires that the wheels of the dollies are facing the direction you want to go. This will make scooting the car around easier. If the car is on an incline you may want to try another option. Otherwise, you might get a runaway vehicle.

Hire a tow truck

If you want to move a parked car you could hire a tow truck. If the car is on your property you have the legal right to have it removed. A tow truck will be able to lift and move the car somewhere else. Even if the car is parked with the emergency brake on a tow truck can relocate the vehicle.

Your local tow shop should be able to estimate the cost of moving the vehicle. In addition, they should be able to tell you if you’re in your legal right to move the car.

Enlist some strong men

The last option for moving a parked car is to get some strong friends. If the vehicle is light enough a group of strong friends should be able to lift the car enough no scoot it out of the way. If it’s something like a smart car they can just lift it up and place it where you want.

Granted, your friends need to be somewhat strong. Remember that most cars weigh 2000lbs or more. Depending on how many friends you have helping you the weight each person has to lift can be lessened. If you have 10 friends to move a 2000lb car each person would have to lift close to 200 lbs. The car doesn’t have to be lifted completely off the ground. Just enough to lessen the contact that the vehicle has with the ground.

In conclusion

To sum up everything that has been stated so far, it is possible to move a parked car. While it isn’t the easiest task there are a few options you could try. If you’ve asked how to move a parked car then car dollies, a tow truck, or even brute strength are some good choices.

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