How to fix a tire without a spare

The best way to fix a tire without a spare is to seal the tire and fill it back up with air. Do you know why your tire went flat? Do you have a nail in your tire or was there a significant drop in temperature overnight? Depending on how your tire lost air in the first place you can start making steps to get back on the road.

How to fix a tire without a spare? You could walk to a store that sells plug kits or fix a flat. Limping your car to the nearest gas station is another option. If you are far from any stores you might have to hire a tow truck.

Think ahead

While this option won’t help you if you’re already sitting on the side of the road if you plan ahead you can prepare yourself for the future. By having a tire repair kit on hand you can plug your tire on the go. Things like Fix-A-Flat, tire plugs, or even full emergency car kits are great things to have in your car.

Another good tool to have on hand is an electric tire pump. If you ever get a flat your can fill your tire with air. You can’t always foresee what’s going to happen when you’re driving. That’s why always staying prepared with the right tools can help you fix a tire without having a spare.

Having roadside assistance through your insurance or AAA is a great idea. It only cost a few dollars a year but gives you peace of mind all year round.

Repair the tire

Your next option is to repair your tire. If you have a screw or nail in your tire you may be able to seal it. Something like a car of Fix-A-Flat may do the job. Fix-A-Flat fills your tire with a sealing liquid. If the hole is small enough then this liquid sealant can do the trick.

You remove the object in your tire then fill the tire with Fix-A-Flat. After that you can fill your tire with air and be on your way.

Using tire plugs will also work to repair a flat tire. You first remove the object which has penetrated your tire. A plug kit comes with rubber cement, plugs, and a couple of hand tools. You can use the hand tools to clean the hole and to insert the plug. Make sure that you apply rubber cement to the plug so you get the best seal.

After you insert the plug allow some of the plug to stay out of the tire. As you pull the hand tool out it till cut the plug on the inside allowing it to stay in place. After this, you can trim the plug so that it sits flush with the tread. You can now use an electric tire pump to fill your tire back up.

Call a tow truck

If worse comes to worst you can call a tow truck. AAA is well known for providing great roadside assistance. Whether you need a tire change or a tow calling a business like AAA can get you back on the road. Sometimes tires can’t be repaired on the side of the road. If the damage is bad enough you might need to get your tire replaced. Check out our guide on how to know if a tire can be repaired or if it should be replaced.

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