How to find car meets

Have you recently moved to a new area or want to join your local car culture? If you are interested in joining the car scene there are quite a few ways to get involved. While it may be intimidating at first most scenes are open to newcomers. No matter the car you have you can find the right car meet for you.

Have you wondered how to find car meets? You can use things like word of mouth, social media and other means of communication to find car meets. Finding car meets locally is easier than you think.

Ways to find car meets

Word of mouth

One of the best answers for how to find car meets is word of mouth. If you’re out and you see a modified car then you can ask the owner if there are any meets nearby. Most car enthusiasts will let you know where all of the car guys meet up.

Asking around to fellow gear heads can help you find local car meets. If you see a muscle or sports car you may be surprised that everyone has a car group that they hang out with.

Social Media

Another great option for finding car meets is on Social Media. Instagram and Facebook are perfect examples. If you search on Instagram for local modified cars then you ask owners if they attend any car meets. If they do they can guide you to the right place.

There are also tons of Facebook groups for car meets. Simpy search for Car meets and your city to see a list of groups available. After you join the group you can ask around to see where the meets happen. There are usually a couple of groups per area so you can join both to see if either host’s car meets regularly.


Smartphone apps are another tool that can help you find car meets. Apps like CarMeets, Octane, and RoadStr are three cool apps that help you network with car enthusiasts. By downloading the apps you can see maps of car meets.

In addition, there are groups that you can join to find local car meets. Most apps are free and they provide great resources for prospective car enthusiasts.

Online Forums

There are plenty of online car forums. These can be based on certain types of cars or certain areas. If you want to find a local car meet then google your city and car forums. You should be able to join some free forums and get information on car meets. Ask around to other users to see if they can give you some answers.

To sum up

There are multiple ways to find car meets in your area. From Social media to mobile apps if you are looking to join your local car scene there is always an open parking spot for you.

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