How Do Journalists Get Press Cars

Journalists often have access to press cars through several different avenues. Here are a few ways journalists can secure press cars for their reporting:

1. Car Manufacturers: Automakers often provide press cars to journalists for test drives and reviews. Journalists can reach out to the public relations departments of various car manufacturers to request press cars for their reporting. These manufacturers have designated press fleets to accommodate journalists and media outlets, allowing them to test and review their latest models. Car manufacturers may have specific criteria or requirements that journalists need to meet before they are granted access to press cars. This may include having a certain level of experience and writing for a credible media outlet.

2. Car Dealerships: Car dealerships, especially those representing luxury or high-end brands, may collaborate with journalists and media outlets to provide press cars for reviews and articles. These partnerships can be mutually beneficial for both the dealership and the journalist. For the dealership, it provides exposure and potentially positive publicity for their brand, while journalists gain access to a wider range of vehicles to review.

3. Media Outlets: Journalists employed by reputable media outlets may have access to a fleet of press cars owned by their organization. These media outlets either purchase or lease a variety of vehicles for their journalists to use for reporting purposes. This allows journalists to have a diverse selection of cars to test and review.

4. Press Events: Car manufacturers often organize press events where journalists are invited to test-drive their latest models and write about their experiences. These events can range from regional test drives to national or international auto shows and launch events. Accredited journalists and media outlets are typically invited to these events where they can drive the vehicles, interview company executives, and gather information for their articles.

5. Car Rental Agencies: In some cases, journalists may rent cars from car rental agencies for a specific project or reporting assignment. While this may not provide the same access to exclusive models or manufacturer support as obtaining a press car directly from a manufacturer or dealership, it can still be a viable option for journalists who need a car for a particular story.

It’s important to note that access to press cars is often restricted to journalists who can demonstrate their expertise and credibility in the automotive industry. Media outlets and manufacturers typically prioritize journalists with a proven track record of fair and unbiased reporting, established relationships, and a wide reach or readership. Building these credentials and connections is crucial for journalists seeking access to press cars for their reporting.

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