Honda refused to help find stolen car because the owner didn’t buy HondaLink

Honda refused to help find stolen car

Have you ever lost something? It’s a terrible feeling. It’s even worse when someone decides to steal something from you. One owner of a Honda Accord had his vehicle stolen. He enlisted the help of Honda and the police but the outcome was not what you’d expect.

The owner of the Honda, Layth Ablhd, woke up one morning to find that his car wasn’t sitting in the driveway. He managed to get some security footage from a neighbor. He watched as three thieves broke into his locked car in the middle of the night. They then proceeded to drive off with his 2019 Accord.

Honda refused to help find stolen car

The police were notified. An officer arrived on scene quickly. Honda provides a paid subscription called HondaLink which is a paid service that provides information on a vehicle like its location. Having that in mind Layth contacted Honda Canada and requested assistance in locating his vehicle.

Honda was able to see the car on their maps. This was great! Layth was going to be able to recover his car! Or so he thought. Honda then stated that because Layth didn’t subscribe to HondaLink they were not going to release any information about the car’s whereabouts.

Layth explained that he was never given information on HondaLink when he purchased the vehicle. The officer tried to press Honda into giving the information on the car but the employee stated that without the subscription there is nothing he could do.

Obviously this is pretty ridiculous at this point. Layth then pays the $148 subscription fee in hopes of getting information on his vehicle. Then it turns out that the GPS was disabled right before the made the payment. Therefore the vehicle’s location was no longer available on their system. Honda made a statement saying

(The) appropriate protocols were followed.

Source: GlobalNews

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