Guys put a Cummins diesel engine in a Toyota Prius

Have you ever wanted to see a cummins prius? Most people know that the Prius is an environmentally friendly car. It’s meant for those who love nature or even those who just want a lot of mileage for their money.

Knowing this the Toyota Prius has become a joke to some in the car community. They are usually looked down upon. Especially by gas guzzling v8s and diesel trucks.

One Prius owner decided to defy the status quo. He swappped a Cummins 4BT turbodiesel engine in his would be hybrid. They stripped the interior of the car to make way for the huge engine. In the videos below you can see how they had to remove the firewall to get that monster to fit.

The car has been converted to rwd and easily burn rubber. Hopefully the internet doesn’t break too much after seeing this unenviormentaly friendly car roast some tires. Leave us a note below and tell us what you think.

Source: Jonathan Gwinn | SpeedSociety

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