Guy tries to do a burnout on his bike and crashes

Burnouts are always fun. There is nothing like lighting up some rubber and making a cloud of smoke. Burnouts can be done on trucks, cars and bikes. Although it’s best to know what you’re doing before your attempt to spin your tires.

The owner of a chopper had been talking about how he does burnouts on his bike. He has his lady friend film as he pulls out of this garage. With the bike fired he puts it in gear and begins his burnout.

Unfortunately for him he ended up hitting the shifter and putting the bike in third gear. It seems as though he panicked which made him put the bike in neutral and roll back. As he released the clutch the bike, which was held stationary by the wall, ended up moving which allowed him to drive forward and wreck his bike. It appears that only his bike and his pride was injured.

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