Guy tries to blackmail a shop into making him a custom exhaust for free

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Well a custom exhaust shop, which goes by Zaustworx received a weird message from one Facebook user. This guy named Dave messaged Zaustworx and told them that he wanted a free custom exhaust for his Vauxhall Cavalier.

Dave stated that he wanted a free exhaust

in exchange for me drumming up some free advertising on my car group of 22000 and also all my friends on Facebook that are into cars.

Zaustworx being the cool guys that they are said that he could bring the car down to the shop and and get something figured out.

Zaustworx was booked up until February so Dave would have to sign up and book a time to get the work done.  Some time later Dave contacts Zaustworx and asks what their availability is. Zaustwork stated that they had people sign up since they last spoke so Dave would have to book his time now to get his exhaust done in March.

Upset Dave threatens Zaustworx and says,

I could make or break your business on social media.

He continues to make threats that he is going to ruin Zaustworx’s credibility. Needless to say the internet got wind of this and rained a firestorm on Dave.

Zaustworx on the other hand has benefited from the altercation. They have been getting more calls for business than they can handle. Also Zaustworx’s Facebook page which Dave said he was going to ruin has amassed over 5,000 likes since everything started.

The moral of the story is treat people how you wanted to be treated. If not it might come back around and bite you.

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