Guy does a burnout in his Corvette. There was plenty of smoke but his tires weren’t spinning

Doing a burnout can be difficult if you’ve never done one before. It takes practice like learning how to feather the throttle. But once you get it down it’s a lot of fun to roast tires.

They have videos on youtube of burnout compretitions. Whoever has the best plume of smoke is usually the winner. Although you want to make sure that the smoke is from your tires and not other parts of your vehicle.

One Corvette owner thought he was showcasing the perfect burnout. Although his tires didn’t spin. He probably should have stopped as soon as he saw the smoke coming from the front of his car. Seeing as it is rear wheel drive nothing should be smoking up front.

Turns out he was roasting his clutch. Smoke escapes from the front and underneath the car. Unfortunately for him he’s going to need a new clutch. Have you ever done a burnout before? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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