Guy crashes his Nissan while live streaming

Social media can be a great place to connect and make new friends. Social newtorks make it easy to talk with people over long distances. Although it does have some of its drawbacks. For instance a guy was live streaming as he cruised at 100mph on a highway. Revolutionizing Tire Buying

The driver was traveling in his Nissan Versa well above the 55mph speed limit. He was driving erratically over Connecticut’s Gold Star Memorial Bridge. Driving with one hand on the steering wheel he swerved in and out of lanes.

How he got his drivers license we’ll never know. Well after driving like a maniac he decided to get off at the next exit. Unfortunately for him he didn’t do too well in his physics class. So instead of slowing down and taking the exit he understeered and found himself crashing into a metal beam. Lucky for him he didn’t sustain any injuries.

Hopefully he learns from this experience and becomes a better defensive driver. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen a driver do on the road? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Fox

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