Ford recalls the Mustang Mach-E because the battery might die while charging

Most new cars have their share of issues. Every year multiple recalls are sent out by auto manufacturer to address issues that were found after the car was sold to consumers.

With EVs this can become an even bigger issue, With gasoline powered engines there is not as much software wise that can go bad. Although sensors to fail from time to time. EV’s on the other hand are primary based off software. That means if there is a bug in the system you may be dead in the water.

This leads us to the latest Ford recall. While the Mustang Mach-E is charging the lithium-ion battery the standard 12-volt battery might get drained. This is believed to be caused by the PCM when the car enters the deep-sleep state.

In this state you may not be able to open the hood to access the battery. Although there is a small door in the bumper that holds a positive and a negative wire. These wires can be hooked up to a jump pack to get the frunk open.

After that you have access to the 12 volt-battery. A spokesperson for Ford said that if you encounter the issue with your Mustang Mach E contact your local dealer to fix the issue.


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