Dodge Neon’s clutch explodes during burnout

Car guys love doing burnouts. There is nothing light making a big smoke cloud while roasting a set of tires. Front wheel drive cars aren’t the first choice when you are talking about burnouts.

Unlike rear wheel drive cars your FWD car must have a decent amount of power if want a good amount of smoke. One Dodge Neon owner made a big cloud of smoke. Although the tires weren’t spinning.

He aims the nose of the car toward the street. With the ground wet he’s determined to roast his tires. He gets in the car and puts the pedal to the floor. He thinks he is doing a burnout. Although normally your wheels are supposed to spin.

Turns out he was roasting the clutch instead. Before you know it the clutch erupts like Mount Kilimanjaro. It destroys the hood. After he gets out he looks at the car and can’t believe what just happened.

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