Dealership gives 104 year old veteran a new car for free

It seems like all the news you see going around does nothing but lower your spirit. Today we have some good news to share. A 104 year old veteran went out to his local Chevrolet dealership to buy a new car.

He was in the market for a Chevy Sonic. Joe Basil Chevrolet saw that he was a veteran and recognized all that he had done for this country. Instead of making the man pay for the car they gave him a Chevy Sonic for free.

It turns out that Joe Basil Chevrolet typically has a Vehicles for Vets program. Local veteran organizations work with the dealership to give away a car. Due to COVID they had to cancel their car for a vet program this year.

Instead of just waiting until next year where the could start up the program again they recognized all the the 104 year old veteran had sacrificed and gave him the key to his new Sonic for free.

It’s great to see that good can still be done in these hectic times. If you are an active or retired service member we want to thank you for all that your sacrificed for your country.

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