Crazy Road Rage happens in LA between a BMW and a pickup truck

Road rage is pretty common. It might just be someone cutting someone else off. Other times it’s more serious. It’s best to let others just drive off and not engage in any road rage. Although a BMW driver in LA didn’t see things that way.

First off there was a crash near the intersection in the video below. The driver of the pickup seems to have struck the BMW. The truck tried to drive off. Not sure if he was trying to get out of trouble but it seemed like a hit and run incident.

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The BMW driver decided to deal out his own version of justice and rammed the pickup. You can see as the pickup puts it in reverse and catches the side of the BMW. The pickup then drives forward as it drags the caught BMW. The suspect was charged by police with assault with a deadly weapon. Have you ever seen road rage at this level in person? Leave us a not below.

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