Cars underwater due to Dallas Flooding

Usually you hear about flooding in coastal areas. Dallas Texas has been receiving torrential rainfall for the past fews days. There is enough water that is causing dangerous flooding in multiple areas. An airport in Dallas is receiving some media attention due to one of the parking garages and there being multiple cars underwater.


On the first level of the garage you see some standing water. As you approach the ramp leading to the basement that’s where you see the real damage. There are plenty of cars underwater. Some of which are completely submerged. News reports that they are bringing in large pumps to remove some of the water. A Corvette C6 was seen about 5 inches deep.

Unfortunately most of the cars that received water damage are going to be totaled. Hopefully everyone had their vehicles insured so they can be replaced. One thing to remember is never park you car underground in areas prone to flooding!

See a turbo devour a shop rag!

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