Best Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane review

Do you do a lot of heaving lifting? If you lift engines, transmissions, and other heavy automotive parts you may be looking for the best Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane. The Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane — 3 Ton Lifting Capacity, Model# HW93806 is a top-of-the-line engine hoist.

Unlike the cheap engine hoists you purchase at your local tool store, this Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane operates with compressed air. Cheaper cranes work with hydraulic pressure. This requires you to pump the crane up and down to lift your load.

Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane

Although, the Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane HW93806 allows you to lift and lower your engine by pressing a pedal. This not only saves time but makes your job a whole lot easier.

With this hoist in my shop, I no longer have to worry about having a problem lifting heavy equipment. While my cheaper engine hoist can lift small Honda engines, the larger the parts get the harder my hydraulic lift has to work.

I know with Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane there is a whole new limit to the work I can do. I don’t foresee myself exceeding the maximum strength of this lift because it’s so durable. If you are looking for a strong engine hoist for your garage and you want to make more money then consider investing in this lift.


Air-operated hoist

The Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane HW93806 is air-operated. With a standard amount of compressed air, you can lift and lower heavy parts with ease. No longer do you have to worry about not having enough clearance to jack up the hoist.

Plus, lifting some equipment is hard work. If you have shoulder pain it can sometimes be impossible. With this lift, you can avoid the pain and fatigue and still work on your passion.

Boom and Extension positions

The boom has multiple positions. There is nothing worse than finding out your engine hoist isn’t going to reach. Some booms don’t reach far enough which can make it a pain when you’re trying to lift an engine and it’s sideways.

If you don’t have enough clearance you could spend all day trying to finagle the engine out. With this hoist, there are extensions and boom positions to make it easier to lift components. With the ability to extend and adjust the crane you can have your engine out in a jiffy.

Swivel hook

One problem with lifting engines is the hook. Without a swivel hook, your chain may be sideways which causes your engine to want to spin. This can be terrible especially when the engine swings around and crushes your hand.

With the Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane‘s swivel hook you can orient the engine to slide in like a glove. The maneuverability of the swivel hook helps you get the job done with less effort.

Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane


Heavy duty

This Engine crane is built for professional shops. If you want a crane to work like new after thousands of uses then this Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane HW93806 is for you. Superior build quality and materials make this crane very durable. Use it in your heavy-duty scenarios and it’s sure to exceed your requirements

Ease of use

The Hein-Werner crane is incredibly easy to use. With the touch of a pedal, the crane can raise and lower heavy items. Sometimes lifting heavy equipment with a crane can be tedious. It can take tons of pumping to get the crane to the level you want.

With the compressed air-powered feature, you just press the pedal without breaking a sweat. If you are wanting to save on your joints while still meeting deadlines then this crane would be great for you.


Your customers like to get their vehicles back as soon as possible. With this crane, you can speed up work and get your customer’s cars back on the road. Increase the amount of work you can get done and earn more money.


Sometimes you have limited space and need extensions to get the job done. The Hein-Werner crane is perfect for the job because it has boom extensions and works at multiple positions. Without this crane, you might have trouble reaching an engine or transmission.

With the front of the car in the way, it may be difficult to reach the part you’re trying to lift. This is not a problem for the Hein-Werner crane.


Cost more than the hydraulic models

This professional crane costs more than a traditional hydraulic crane. While a more traditional hydraulic crane may be within your budget. Although, when you want to start making your garage more professional then upgrading to this crane would be a great investment.


The Hein-Werner Automotive Engine Crane is a professional crane for those wanting to take their shops to the next level. Increase productivity with the compressed air-powered crane. If you want to make your job easier by having one of the most versatile cranes on the market then this is the one for you.

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