Best Car Decal Ideas

Car decals are also called car graphics or stickers. They refer to any form of lettering, graphics, images, and cut-out self-adhesive vinyl material. The best car decal ideas are many; however, here are some that you should consider and what they mean. 

1.    Drifting advisory car decal

Drifting is what makes sports cars fun. The drifting advisory logo implies that you should be wary in case the car Infront starts to drift. Because of the effort and maintenance, drifting is not out of touch or beyond reality. So, pause a while and watch the car leave skid marks on the road within total control. 
Drifting Advisory also means no panic. When you see the tires leave smoke in your wake, it is another moment of fulfilling drifting action. 

2.    Built not bought car decal

There is pride in everything car lovers do. Built not bought is a bold statement to other car lovers. While everyone can buy a car, not everyone can build one. 
However, the statement doesn’t mean that people who buy cars don’t understand speed or control. The aim is for car lovers to keep up the upgrades and make their vehicles unique in significant ways. Some people play with aesthetics while others are into speed and control. If you love race cars, then this sticker is a favorite. Most cars have custom mods. 
Check out this sticker.

3.    Bags Are for Groceries

Bags are for groceries is a funny way to say your car has the best safety, and you can take the road with total control. 
If you understand total car control, then you would not need bags to protect you when driving. However, the message implies that you need a bag in your car, but you will never use it because your car is intertwined with your motion. When on the wheels, the car community understands that safety comes first, but the speed community knows no speed without control. It is a way of warning other drivers that you can leave them staring in awe when you pick speed. 

4.    Don’t touch my car decal

What world would we be in if people never touched your car?  The logo means exactly what you see. You can stare, but please don’t touch. 
Whereas that is the simplest meaning, it would mean that you will see the car disappear if you try to race on the road. It is a confidence booster to know that no car can match yours, and even if anyone tries to match your car, they can’t touch it. Don’t touch my car decal shows the thrashing you will receive if you try. By all means, stay away. 

5.    Turbo inside decal

Speed lovers, be aware. Turbo inside means that the car can pick up the pace and leave you wide-eyed if you try to engage in a race. 
The car-loving community understands that speed comes in many forms. Turbo inside decal is a creative way to brag and show off your super engine, knowing that when you have to dig in deep, the turbo will come through, and the race will be a no-contest because you will have no competitors. 

6.    Size Matters Turbo decal

If size matters, then the bigger, the better. Turbo engines are all about size. It is an intimidating car decal with so many connotations, yet it simply means that you can’t challenge if your turbo is not within my size limit. 
Expect to see a car that will leave other race cars behind because it picks speed faster. Size matters turbo car decal also means that cars with big turbos are superior. 

7.    She wants the Diesel decal

She wants the diesel car decal is a new idea that sends your car in a frenzy. You should spoil her; give it all the diesel it can take.
It also means that your car is a guzzler and will take diesel to keep it running. Few machines stand up to the name guzzler, and of course, the more petrol/diesel it consumes, the better the performance.
Another way to look at the decal meaning is to avoid misdirection if you let someone else fuel your car. Instead of giving it petrol, they will give it diesel-only—an intelligent way to give instructions.  

8.    Not fast. Just loud

Be warned that the car ahead is full blast and the stereo you can’t match it because when it plays, you can’t listen to the music in your car. Not fast, just a loud car decal is not for speedsters; however, it assures you that what it lacks in speed, it has in sound. 
Loud music is not an attraction to the car community, especially if the music system is not tuned to perfection. 

9.    Wagon Mafia car decal 

Wagon Mafia belongs to the station wagon lovers that also need to express their passion. The station wagon also is known by the name “estate cars” as it has many uses. Wagon Mafia is a practical vehicle and better road handling than ordinary cars. 
A station wagon is somewhere between a saloon car and a minivan. It is longer and spacious, and this appeals to many people. For instance, a station wagon can help you transport your children to school and still be a fun car for yourself. 
If you are the kind that takes the occasional nap in your car and many more reasons, the name wagon mafia accounts for all the helpful situations you find your station wagon coming through.

The best part is that you can easily beat other sports cars in a family car if you upgrade it with stock car components and mods. 
Many people in the motor community love station wagons and fall in love with the Wagon Mafia decal.


When you are looking for the best car decals ideas, you should understand that the best message reveals the true identity of your car. While car decals are for aesthetic uses, the beauty of the message is what you say your car can do. 

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