Autonomous race car crashes itself into a wall.

50 years ago you probaly would have never guessed that cars would be electric. It would be even further to think that the cars might be able to actually drive themselves. Although Tesla and many other companies are working on making that dream a reality.

While Tesla’s autopilot can’t 100% drive itself yet it seems that we are inching closer and closer. In addition Cadillac has the Super Cruise feature although it really only works on the highway.

Even racing applications are starting to use self-driving technologies. The Roborace is the first of it’s kind. It is a motorsports race that features driver-less/autonomous. Teams assemble and program the vehicles. Each race team makes their own vehicle with the same parts for each car.

During a Twitch stream they featured of the cars driving on the track. While it happened to be the only vehicle on the track it took a hard right turn and drove itself into a wall. As funny as it is we know that once we get over the bugs we could start seeing some really cool autonomous technology.

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